Mindfulness & Business Coaching

Jackie Luzy’s passion for entrepreneurship is deep and her knowledge in business is all encompassing. Armed with a Master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School and a wide-eyed approach to every undertaking, she has held various executive and leadership roles, from CEO to Festival Founder.

Most recently, she has gained certification in Mindfulness Practice, adding this to her repertoire of expertise to come up with a holistic approach to coaching individuals in business and mental well-being.

Self-Empowerment Guidance

Tareq Nassri believes that empowering your soul is crucial to thriving in these times and has made it their life’s mission to help individuals do exactly that—thrive.

Under the tutelage of one of Malaysia’s most sought-after holistic therapists, Tareq flourished and honed their abilities in deep meditation and the art of reiki, earning practitioner certification for the latter.

Combining their extensive knowledge of alternative healing methods with their gifts in spiritual insight, Tareq offers their expertise to individuals wanting to regain self-confidence and find inner strength.